Some time back we used Christy Gieseke (pr. geese-icky) for collection and shipping, and wanted to do something to say "thanks", as we feel a little indebted - she often went above and beyond any basic obligation that she had undertaken. So, for what it may be worth, we have set up this page - she is quite skilled in training horses and their owners to collect, and will handle the entire thing for those that do not wish to do it themselves. 

We met her on the recommendation of Gary Deter (DVM) who was not eager to add our collection and shipping to his already busy roster. His opinion "counts" - he has performed well for us since 1964, and has played in the majors, the semen that produced most of the foals Doc Bar ever sired passed through his hands. (Maybe I should phrase that a little differently.) He is mentioned in Gala Nettles book on Doc Bar, and in the "Legends" series, volume three, and is not the sort to offer casual praise. So, it meant something when he told us that she (Christy) could probably do better by us than he could.
One thing of real importance to us was the fact that this horse likes her - this is not the case with everyone. He has been handled by a variety of people over the years, some good and some lousy. It is not only from consideration for him, but selfishly too, as he is a lot nicer to be around when he has not been recently antagonized. 

Also, we got favorable feedback, including one mare owner who said that his vet told him that it was the best shipment that he had received that year. We conclude that she does it right.

e-mail Christy: cmg1880@inreach.com
(maybe I should mention that she only checks that occasionally)