For Sale
We do not presently offer stud services, though for promotional purposes will give breedings from the younger studs to mares with at least $10,000 in NRHA, NRCHA, or NCHA earnings. (At cost of shipped semen, $125 per shipment.)

Occasionally there are foals for sale. We are expecting a Twice Royal x Holly Mayo in 06 - if a colt, either he or the yearling brother would go up for sale eventually . Likewise, there are two expected by "Dunnit", very likely one of them will be sold at a year or two of age, and so it goes.

Docs Twice Royal - 1979 stud
Doc O'Lena x King Cobra by King P-234
I maybe take the "usuals" for granted, looks and capability are just expected, but his level of understanding and nearly automatic grasp of practical detail is rare.
Shown very little, idle in the lull market of the 80's, offered to the public in the 90's. I discovered that many people are not shopping for stud service, but for a Disney movie sire and assurances of "the perfect cross". I wouldn't capitolize on unrealistic expectations, they wouldn't deal with me. Okay.

Lucky Colonel - 1987 stud
Colonel Freckles x Doc's Diana by Doc Bar

He was among the most athletic animals born here, although has an extensor process fracture which he takes care of unless feeling very excited. I'll probably replace that picture with another someday, but in a way, faulty and unflattering as it is, it captures what he was like at that age better than others.

"Dunnit" - 2002 stud
Dun It With a Twist x Holly Mayo by Gay Bar King
The AQHA, in its wisdom and without licence, gave this horse a name I'd rather not mention. "Dunnit" needs video to provide any idea what he's all about - he's a natural, and rather hot. He came along as baggage in a mare Caroline wanted, and even with the reining reputation topside, there's no question this guy would cut. Video online is new to me, but I'll see about adding some on his page, probably November - just a few still shots for now.

There are several other players here "equipped" to go on a studs page, although some don't have pages yet, others have pages, but no decent or recent photos, and so on. I'll see about that, although I'm getting a little sick of working on the website for now - I may not get back to this for a while.