At least for now these two colts are sharing a page for two reasons. Partly because one or the other will be sold, which one is just as it happens. Also, most of the pictures I have are stills from a video taken in October, 2007. So, both colts, Pepto Fox and Chicmeister, are present in most of the pictures.

Yearling colt by Pepto Boonsmal, out of Foxie Merada
Pedigree: Pepto Fox, by Pepto Boonsmal, out of Foxie Merada (x Freckles Merada
We lean more toward pedigrees and individual merits, but statistics are a positive too. Foxie Merada's NCHA LTE reports at $95,546, NCHA Certificate of Ability, and she won the NCHA Open Super Stakes in 1990. Her offspring earnings stand at $434,316.
The Q.H. News "NCHA Lifetime Dams" states that she is number 82 on the list. Her mother, Foxie Doc, won the CRCHA Hackamore Maturity in 1976, and has offspring earnings of $502,591. Q.H. News tells us she is number 56 on the NCHA lifetime Dams list, although this may be mistaken - I seem to recall that Foxie Doc was number 82, and Foxie Merada was 84. I'll look into it. Eventually.

2006 colt by Pepto Boonsmal, out of Foxie Merada

3/4 front...
3/4 rear.

Best part, you can have the first ten rides on this one.

2006 colts, x Pepto Boonsmal left, Smart Chic O'Lena right

Yearling colt: Smart Chic O'Lena x Cassandra Starlight  Pedigree: yearling colt by Smart Chic O'Lena, out of Cassandra Starlight x Grays Starlight

yearling x Smart Chic O'Lena Doc's Cassandra is the one best credentialled on the bottom side, with $27,918 NCHA earnings through 1981; NCHA Certificate of Ability, NCHA Bronze and Silver, in 8'th place NCHA Open National at year's end 1980 - with limited showing.
A number of the mares in both colt's pedigrees have pages "onsite" - starting with Mimi Warner (and her sire, Lucky Blanton). Mimi's daughters, Lucky Debbie Kay and Doc's Cassandra - her daughter Cassandra Starlight, and Debbie's daughter Foxie Doc. Many other relatives can also be found here with a little digging - the site has become somewhat "multilayered".
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