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Docs Peppy Jessica - Peppy San Badger x Docs Diana. 1984 mare.

Photo above taken October 10, 2004

Jessica is is now definitely for sale. This was in doubt for a while - partly that Caroline had misgivings about selling her, partly that we had no luck settling her with shipped semen. A complication, since clearly, 90% of her market value is as a broodmare. Suspecting that she may react to the choice of extender in the semen we received, I zapped her once with raw semen and she checked in foal shortly after, May 13/04. That's how we like it - one cover, one foal. She rechecked December 18'th, and the foal kicked the vet, so we can state that the foal is truly alive and kicking.

Concerning earlier problems using shipped, another possibility is that the timing of insemination may be crucial in her case - to ensure the best odds of conception with her I would strongly suggest working *closely* with a good vet to time the insemination *very* close to actual ovulation.


Jessica's appearance has changed somewhat over the years, but at every stage she has been attractive. The only thing we see as a negative is that she is only 14.1. (Well, if we're going to pick nits, a little less chrome would please me better.)



In these she is around four, maybe five years. They were taken at Dave McGregor's, where she got maybe nine months, but was not yet ready for the Open, and the expenses were too great to continue. The idea was to get a foal and return her to training later, but things evolved differently, and this never happened.



The three pictures below were taken October 10, 2004


Right and below, taken November 03, 2002.

These three shots are unflattering, making her look a bit dumpy.

Updating now, I see that we can do far better than these three pictures. A digital camera had been recently purchased, and it appears that we were so enthusiastic about the camera itself that we liked the pictures better than we should have. Still, they show a few things that others don't, another view of shoulder, or this'n'that, so I guess they might as well stay.




"Little Peppy" gets enough press elsewhere, but the bottom line could use a little introduction.

Jessica's mother, Doc's Diana, was the best of four Doc Bars out of Lucky Debbie Kay. (Debbie - Dice Gill x Mimi Warner by Lucky Blanton.) It was a good cross, and there is a page with some pictures of Diana's full brothers and sisters. Diana is the only one of them that did not have a career, being ruined in "training". There is also an article from the California Horse Review about Diana's full sister, Foxie Doc winning the CRCHA Hackamore Maturity.

If interested, e-mail Caroline, or call her, afternoons at 831-659-3355