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Pablo Alto (Pablo San x Lucky Contadina)

I expected him to mature around 15 - 15.1 - instead he is 14.3, a little short for me to ride. That and less muscle mass than I expected led to him being sold May 14/04. I feel good about it - he went to a fellow who really does read the feedback a horse is giving him - something few learn to do in any meaningful way. Without that, no matter how much study of method, a person will never be any damn good with a horse. The plan is to aim him at local competitions for fun, but I'd guess he might go some way beyond that.

He (the horse) hasn't got the power to be a heavy hitter in top-level Open, but he has brains, and when he feels like it, shows a surprising quickness and athleticism. I'll update this page now and again as we hear what he is doing there in his new home.

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The pictures of Pablo Alto were all taken in late September, 2002.

Sire: Pablo San's page has some info about him - I'll add material to that page eventually, but it provides an idea of who he is even so. Something I should remember to add on his page is that while shown mostly in '83, and not bred to any huge number of mares, as recently as two years ago he still appeared in the grandsire statistics top 20 producers. (On the low end of it, but still...) I seem to recall that Little Peppy needed 2309 foals (I don't know *how* many grandchildren) to put him at the top - Pablo didn't have a tenth as many.


Dam: Lucky Contadina's page shows her, her mother, some pedigree info, and this colt when a yearling. We were not able to get documentation of Contadina's show record - what is now the "N"RCHA absorbed the "C"RCHA, which is what she was shown under. I recall that she was third in the year-end standings, probably in 1984, maybe 1985. She's upwards of 20 and out of shape in that picture, but click on it and you'll see some remaining hint of the muscle I expected this colt to carry.


I think he looked a little better a year or so after these pictures were taken - a little more balanced due mainly to a little more beef on his rear. Then too, the neck usually seems to present somewhat better, although I can't remember whether that is just the look of this picture, or if time had improved the look of it.

His great-grandfather Osage Red was a running horse, and I think there is resemblance. (I have attempted to photograph him in a similar pose - no luck so far.) The primary differences seem to be that this fellow is not as tall, and does not have the heavy muscling. I would expect him to have good speed out in the open, but he probably couldn't launch to that speed nearly as fast as his ancestor. On the bright side, this presents less risk of getting dumped.


I recommend this animal for someone with experience. He is little more than halter broke - I pal around with him over the fence, do his feet when I must, and that's about it. He lives with a five year old stud also by Pablo, they compete a little, but get along well enough. He learns well, and is responsive to a light touch.

In this picture (or the larger copy - click it) he seemed to have a bunch of bug-bites on him - I doubt allergy because he has lived here and eaten the same food his whole life, and I've never seen this before or since.


Also, following the links around the site, you can see most of his family - his parents, grandparents, and some of the great-grandparents. "Foundation" quarter buffs would find the fuller pedigree quite interesting, but for now a person would have piece it together from various related pages onsite. I'll put one together for this page someday, but not just now.


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