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Osage Red - Question Mark x Levis Maid

Not sure how old he is in this photo - it could not have been taken later than early 1949, when he would have just turned four.

Nelson Nye tells us that he was 15.1, chestnut, bred by Dell Owens, and foaled in Osage, Nevada, 1945. Also that at the close of 1948 he had made ten starts, winning nine of them, and that he went 400 in :20.7 at Las Vegas, 1/10 of a second short of the world record at the time. 

Osage Red - photo prior to 1949

We made his acquaintance in the late 60's when he belonged to Steve and Joann Swan, who were avid collectors of Question Mark breeding - particularly palaminos. Mimi had not gotten in foal for several years, and '69 or '70 Steve Swan kindly offered to have a look at her. With a very deft and sensitive touch he discovered scar tissue obstructing the cervix sufficiently as to prevent conception by live cover. (This was missed at Davis, account of the speculum simply pushed it out of the way.)

As I recall, she was bred A-I from then on, but it was certainly A-I in this case, as Osage Red then had age related infirmities that prevented him doing live cover. 

This produced Paisana, who unluckily inheirited the "unhelpful" disposition often associated with the Question Mark breeding. You may read some rather sanitized stories touching on that, for instance, in Nye's "Champions of the Quarter Tracks" a glowing report is given of Osage Red's disposition. I can say that this opinion was not shared by most who actually knew the animal. 

Still, he was an outstanding champion in his own right, from an excellent family, and many of his babies were absolutely top-grade "horseflesh".

At right, adcopy, c. 1959

Credit is also due Nye for the story below, "borrowed" from Champions of the Quarter Tracks, 1949

Adcopy featuring Osage Red, circa 1959

Excerpt from Osage Red chapter in Nye's Champions of the Quarter Track

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