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Docs Twice Royal - 1979 bay, AQHA #1580115
Doc O'Lena x King Cobra (x King P-234)

Photo taken March 13, 2003 - 7 days short of his 24th birthday.

Not quite the specimen he once was, but he still feels like "a good one" under saddle, and has no lack of ambition. I rarely ride these days, but he's eager, interested, and energetic when we do.

I will add a page one day directed at what he is like "personally", but the short version is that he knows quite well that he's a stud, but is not a problem to have around, or to use pretty much like any horse.

Larger copy of this picture

I know of only three surviving grandsons of King presently out in public, not counting his 3/4 brother Double Tough Doc, since he is in Germany. (Know of another? e-mail me - I'll count him in.) In any case, this is the *only* grandson who is also by Doc O'Lena.


There is quite a lot offered "onsite" to provide a good look into his breeding and conformation, and almost all of his close relatives are here, with pictures & pedigrees. In principle, this should illustrate pretty clearly what quality of genetic material he carries.

photo @ maybe 7 years

Docs Twice Royal (Doc O'Lena x King Cobra by King P-234)


Twice Royal at 2 & 1/2 years on the left, and Doc O'Lena on the right.

Looking past the fact that the Twice Royal picture is atrociously posed, there is definite resemblance. There is a larger picture showing this better.

The Doc O'Lena shot is masterfully done, taken from farther left and lower down. This shows the butt and shoulder from "rounder" angles, shows more length of hip, well, makes good advantage of everything we missed in ours.

  The few photos we took of his mother don't show what he got from her from her so clearly - some elements of appearance, although much of it is basic structure. Therefore he has her way of moving. The brain is "wired" very much the same as hers - a lucid, assessing, "figures it out" sort of horse.

   picture from around 1985
Skipping details, he got a poor start, some time off, and was sent to the Wards. He was in three or four shows, 72's and 73's, as I recall, okay for a novice, as these were events with "real" competition. The Wards couldn't put more time into him, meanwhile, his owner/ breeder, Louise Warner, was well on her way to a lingering death from emphysema. He has been used off and on since then, but there has been no further effort to put him in the limelight.
Larger version of this picture.

  1992 - A little chubby here, he does not usually carry quite that much weight. He hasn't been used for some time in this shot. 

He was not offered to outside mares until around 94, or 95, that on a limited basis. The AQHA's approval of shipped semen changed that somewhat, but hauling, boarding, and paying others to collect & ship removes any real incentive. Later I was reticent to take on too much shipping from home. By now it's just another routine, so bring 'm on.                    Larger version of this picture

Docs Twice Royal, in 1992

We haven't bred him much as he is too closely related to our better mares. With that and his age in mind a couple of mares were purchased in 2002 especially for him - a Colonel Freckles out of a Boon Bar, and a Gay Bar King, who won't carry without Regumate, as we belatedly discovered. Cutting that long story short, she at last put one on the ground, April 1/04, and he gets a page of his own. Clearly a cross to repeat, and she recently checked tentatively in foal again, awaiting another ultrasound to be certain.

He also got Caroline's Grays Starlight (out of Cassandra) in 2002. She and "Miss Colonel" both foaled mid-April, Cassandra Starlight's is a healthy little fellow, Miss Colonel's got an inexplicable infection and died after a long stay at the vet's. (And they didn't offer a dead horse discount.) Anyway, it seemed to be a rather good one, and she was bred her back, due late May 2004.


Larger version of picture above
left and above - 1998
Still good to go at 19. He is very keen on cattle.

King Cobra
King Cobra in trail class, early 1960's. King Cobra (King P-234 x Mimi Warner) at 20 years

  May 2000 - He hadn't been ridden for many months, and for my part, it was the first time up since 92. He was pleasant about it, although a bit lazy, didn't want to throw much dirt. I am 19 hands, which makes him look much smaller than he really is.

He is 14.3&3/4, or 14.3&7/8, depending on how you hold the stick - I usually just say "Almost 15h".



Picture from March 11, 2003

He has lost some "build" the past few years, mainly topline, a little everywhere. There are some gray hairs, occasional cracking noises when he moves around, and he likes an afternoon nap, as in this photo. (He can keep half an eye on the mares next door from this position.)

Still, he clearly feels good, heart sounds good, and bloodwork shows nothing alarming, so we assume that he's as healthy as he looks.

Larger version of this picture

  Since the significance of "pedigree" is mainly the physical characteristics of each relative, there are links to pages about many of the animals in his family tree. Also, I have begun a page on evaluating conformation. It is only a start on the subject, but touches on some of the criteria we have used in choosing the animals that we have used for breeding.

Doc O'Lena
King Cobra
King Cobra's Foals
King P-234
Mimi Warner
Mimi's Foals (table)

  right - 1998 This image comes out of a video of very poor quality, there isn't much I can do to improve it.

Here John Kittleman is removing the bit before working cattle. ("Look, Ma! No Hands!") As I recall, Twice Royal did switch cattle once during the session - for the uninitiated, this would accrue a penalty in the show ring.

I am not 100% satisfied with the photos of this guy. Seen as a group they present him accurately enough, but there is an elusive something, proportion, "conformational nuance", or maybe personality, that we haven't caught just right - well, that's horse pictures, usually.  


He was in the NRHA "Sire and Dam" program again for 2003. I'm not really sure just how that benefits you or me, but it was done. I did that the first time for 2002, and it was painless, so why not? NRHA Sire & Dam logo

He is also registered with the NFQHA, (#F0017859) which rates him at 88% "foundation".



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