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A few of Twice Royal's foals:

April 1 2004 colt - Twice Royal x Holly Mayo by Gay Bar King
Unnamed, 19 days old in this shot

As I mentioned on Twice Royal's page, Holly was gotten to cross with aging Twice Royal. She's a little on the geriatric side herself, full of cysts and *when* a foal can find a spot to implant, she won't keep it without Regumate.

Making a longer story short, we eventually got her pregnant, and are pleased enough to do it again. But- she didn't cooperate this year, and all in all, it does seem worth getting the cysts lasered out. Oh, well, it's "only" more vet bills...

Anyway, this little fellow has his own page with more pictures - one of Holly, too.

Colt by Docs Twice Royal, out of Holly Mayo x Gay Bar King

2004 filly, foaled June 21 so far unnamed
Twice Royal x Lucky Contadina by King McConnell
Photo taken Aug 14, 7 weeks old

She'll also get a page of her own, but not tonight. I notice farther down this page a comment from several years ago about "Contra" being hard to settle - well, did it again, and I am pleased with the baby.

(And pleased with the new camera too - quite a difference between this and some of my old pictures. This shot was taken in the evening, and even so retains acceptable detail after brightening in Picture Publisher.)
2004 filly by Docs Twice Royal out of Lucky Contadina

Incidentally, she has an older brother too. I haven't bothered with photos of him yet, but thought I'd mention that this filly makes number four of this same cross. Each has four comparatively close crosses back to King, all HERDA free, which is no surprise. HERDA is something that exists mainly in the minds of people who don't have much actual experience with animals of this breeding. Roughly 200 cases out of several *million* registered Quarter Horses - go figure the odds. You are clearly more likely to be run over by a garbage truck than to ever even *see* a horse affected by HERDA. We never have, and don't expect to.

2004 colt - Twice Royal x Miss Colonel Boone by Colonel Freckles
Unnamed, and again I'll have to check the foaling date - probably around 60 days here.

He also has a page, but the download is *really* long because he is offered for sale, and I assume that people looking for that reason would prefer many pictures and large ones rather than a faster loading page.
2004 colt by Docs Twice Royal, out of Miss Colonel Boone

2001 filly by Docs Twice Royal (Doc O'Lena x King Cbra by King P-234) 2001 filly by Twice Royal, out of "Contra" (Lucky Contadina) who is by King McConnell, a double grandson of King P-234. The filly is almost four weeks old in these shots. She was a little sharper than she appeared in these shots - if she matures as we hope she will be kept for breeding in the future.  2001 filly (Docs Twice Royal x Lucky Contadina) photo 2

(right) 10 weeks old here. A close look in the shadow shows that the left hind is forward, reverse of the ideal conformation pose, although she has enough hip to look decent this way too. I like this one quite a bit - active, athletic, and ambitious. She's rather like dad when he was this age. 

I am delighted to say [speaking in 2001] that there is (finally) a little brother or sister on the way. Her mother is incredibly hard to get in foal, and is now in her 20's, so I had doubts.

2001 filly - by Docs Twice Royal, out of Lucky Contadina, shown @ 10 weeks

She is about 15 months in this picture - coming out of a kind of "weedy" stage, thankfully.

That head is an interesting blend of both parents - dad's face stretched onto mom's head. It won't win a halter class, but it's the rest of her that matters to me, and I'm fairly well pleased with that. There is a larger copy of this picture, and another taken at the same time. [Now, Aug. 2004, it really is time that I get some recent pictures and provide her a page of her own]

Docs Twice Royal baby out of Dry Playgirl, shown @ 3 months
2002 Twice Royal colt at 3 months, out of Dry Playgirl. As usual, not great pictures - he came together a little better and balanced than these would indicate. He was sold not long after, and I haven't seen him since.

(above) 2001 filly at ten weeks. She is out of REO Classy Lena, by REO Lena, who in turn is by Doc O'Lena, and out of Lucky Libra. Libra was out of Mimi Warner, Twice Royal's maternal grandmother, so the lines top and bottom are very close. These pictures were attached to an e-mail in which her owner describes the filly as having "looks, disposition, and physical ability". She adds that it is hard to get a picture because she is "very active". [Now, August 2004, she is with Dave McGregor, and I just shipped to her mom, who is no spring chicken, and has been ovulating irregularly. She looked like a breeder at last, and hopefully we'll put another like this one on the ground next year.]

2002 filly - Docs Twice Royal x Featured An Angel
(above) 2002 filly out of Featured An Angel in Texas. (I didn't know that they had any trees or grass there - thought it was all dry wind and sagebrush to the horizon.) Anyway, I don't remember her age in these shots - she is still on her mother. The back looks longer when the head is down, (left) and there is a focal length exaggeration of the head on the right, but piecing it together, she seems like a promising baby. She is evidently another "active" one - I recall her owners mentioning that at a few weeks of age she routinely upset her protective mother by taking off to see the world.

Twice Royal x Just Doc's Socks
Three days old at right, and not looking too brilliant just then. (He steadily improved while we had him.) "Justy" is (was, actually - now deceased) the dam of Masteroni, and Caroline bought her with the intention of producing a Pablo San daughter or two for breeding to Twice Royal and "Lucky C". She got nothing but stud colts, naturally. While Twice Royal is man enough for it, we doubt they would get in foal. 
2001 colt by Docs Twice Royal, out of Just Doc's Socks - photo 2

Anyway, Twice Royal is getting older, and it seemed better to go the direct route, producing - again - a stud colt.

Here he is again, (at right) maybe getting toward ten months then, and looking better - not a flattering shot, and in his winter woolies, but even so, he's coming together. He was sold not long after, and last I heard was living in Kansas.

2001 colt by Docs Twice Royal

Twice Royal Katy by Docs Twice Royal, by Doc O'Lena - Photo 1 Twice Royal Katy by Docs Twice Royal, by Doc O'Lena - Photo 2

Twice Royal Katy - out of "Katy" (Lucky Kay Burnett) She is around two, two and a half in these pictures. I suppose that chrome comes from the Buz Burnett part of the family tree - it was a bit of a surprise. 

Parenthetically, I was mystified by that tendency in the Twice Royal foals until a fellow pointed out that, after all, Doc Bar was a sorrel with plenty of chrome, and he's not so far back. Sure enough. Every time I looked up the family tree my eye went toward Poco Lena, King, Lucky Blanton and so on, overlooking Doc Bar altogether.
Twice Royal Katy by Docs Twice Royal, by Doc O'Lena - Photo 3

This one is out of a mare that Caroline picked up a few years ago, something or another Dry Playgirl, known to me as "Flicka" - among other things. In the shot on the right the filly is +/- one year old, the ones below were taken a little later. They come out of a video that I took using a poor grade of film, and can't get much detail out of. Filly by Docs Twice Royal, by Doc O'Lena - Photo 1

Filly by Docs Twice Royal, by Doc O'Lena - Photo 2 Filly by Docs Twice Royal, by Doc O'Lena - Photo 3 Filly by Docs Twice Royal, by Doc O'Lena - Photo 4

Filly by Docs Twice Royal, by Doc O'Lena - Photo 5 Filly by Docs Twice Royal, by Doc O'Lena - Photo 6

This one, about a year old, was out of another daughter of Lucky Blanton that was purchased some while after the original one died. This mare proved to be less than a perfect replacement for the other - despite being similar in appearence, the second mare was simply not the kind of producer her older half sister had been. We tried her with a variety of studs, looking for the best cross, and all in all, this may have been it.  Colt by Docs Twice Royal, by Doc O'Lena - Photo 1

This one is out of Eternal Dee Bar, x Eternal Sun. (I do remember the mares I liked) I was sorry that Caroline chose to sell her. She had burned out in training, (good trainer, but maybe a little too much pressure - knowing when and how to back off is one of the differences between the good and the great) and Caroline had many horses at the time. He was sold and went lame after making the first cut at the futurity. He developed into something fairly impressive, although I must confess, he took more after mom than dad. I saw him awhile ago, a somewhat tough and capable looking animal - his owner described him as "a cow eating son of a gun". 


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