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Some of our animals:

There is a table w/links that may help to show how these animals are related to one another

Mimi Warner's page - Mimi was by Lucky Blanton, and was the nucleus of the breeding that has been done here. Roughly two dozen outside mares have been purchased as candidates for the program, and later sold because they did not produce quite the way she and her descendants have.

Mimi Warner (by Lucky Blanton) in 1970


King Cobra's page - Cobra was by King (P-234) and out of Mimi. Born & trained at home, four AQHA ROMs, shown very little in open events. Links to papers, a foals page, etcetera, on her page.

King Cobra in trail class, early 1960's.


Twice Royal's page - He is by Doc O'Lena and out of Cobra. Here too, there are links to his papers, extended pedigree, relatives, and so on. There is also a page with a some of his foals.

Docs Twice Royal - photo 1998


Lucky Debbie Kay's page - Debbie was by Dice Gill, out of Mimi. She did well in the hackamore, and lost an eye after three or four events. She did quite well as a broodmare, although, unfortunately, all the pictures I can find so far focus on her foals, not on her. Links to papers, a "foals page", etcetera.

Lucky Debbie Kay


Foxie Doc - By Doc Bar, out of Lucky Debbie Kay. She was sold at maybe two, and won the 76 Hackamore Maturity, among other things. There is an article from the CHR about that. There are a couple of pictures of her on the "Debbie's Foals" page.

Foxy Doc at 76 SBF


Doc's Diana's page - by Doc Bar, out of Lucky Debbie Kay. There are pictures of her and some of her foals (excepting Lucky Colonel, who has his own page, link below). Links to papers, larger images, relatives.

Doc's Diana in 1980


Peppy Jessica's page - by Peppy San Badger, out of Doc's Diana

Docs Peppy Jessica @ 4 years


Lucky Colonel's page - By Colonel Freckles and out of Doc's Diana. Injured, unshown. Among the best we have ever had. Pictures, info, links to papers, a few foals, extended pedigree, larger images, etcetera. 

Lucky Colonel ogles a babe


Lucky Contadina's page - "Contra" is by King McConnel, and out of Paisana, who is out of Mimi. This page includes pictures of Paisana, Contra, and Contra's colt x Pablo San. A little info, Paisana's pedigree, but it is another page that could use more work.

Lucky Contadina Sept. 2000


Doc's Cassandra's page - By Doc Bar, out of Mimi Warner. Mimi's last foal, 8'th in nation, NCHA Open, 1980. Pictures, papers, some info & link to a page showing her daughter x Grays Starlight. The Cassandra Starlight page really calls for an update as she has a 2004 Smart Chick O'Lena beside her now, and he's a photogenic little guy.

Doc's Cassandra - '79 or '80 - Gary Bellanfont up.


King's Miss Becky's page - Becky is by Doc's Malbec and out of Cobra. I never made any effort to show her, although she clearly had what it takes. This is an unflattering shot, but I never got any good ones.

King's Miss Becky - 20 years old


Pablo Alto's page - I'll keep his page "onsite" although he was recently sold - he lived here for a long time, and while I need a taller horse to ride, I liked him, and will add news about him now and then.


Animals that other people produced:

Doc's Malbec's (unofficial) page - By Doc Bar and out of Isla Tivio. High Point Stallion 1977 CRCHA Futurity, High Point Hackamore Horse, Cow Palace, 1978. A few photos, minimal description - one of many pages that I will add to later. Sorry to say he died this year - 2004 - he and Doc O'Lena were the Doc Bar sons we liked best.

Doc's Malbec - late 1970's


Pablo San's page - He is by Peppy San and out of Paula Chex. Considerable acheivement for very limited showing. Caroline purchased Pablo around 93, or 94, and we used him for four or five years before selling him - we thought the world of this guy, but he kept making too short stud colts on our mares. 

Pablo San in 1998


Peppy San (unofficial) page - By Leo San, out of Peppy Belle. A few photos, a little info, a few generations of Peppy Belle's pedigree. This is one of many pages here that I will add to later. 

Peppy San - photo from advertising that ran in 1974


Paula Chex (unofficial) page - By King Fritz, out of Paula Gay. Tied for first place first go-round 1974 SBF, tied for second in second go-round, and more. Article excerpt, image of the cover of August, 1975 CHR, which featured a shot of her working. 

Paula Chex at 1974 SBF


Doc O'Lena's (unofficial) page - By Doc Bar, out of Poco Lena. We liked this one more than any other son of Doc Bar. His page is another that I intend to add to, presently only a few pictures and a little info.

Doc O'Lena


Lucky Blanton (unofficial) page - He was by Mark, out of Nugget. (This mare is sometimes called Gold Nugget, sometimes Golden Nugget. I suspect that there may be some confusion in the registry, but accept Nye as good authority on this.) Photo of Lucky Blanton, Mark, pedigree, article by Nelson Nye. 

Lucky Blanton


King P-234 (unofficial) page - A few personal views, photos, article excerpts.

King P-234


Osage Red (unoffical) page - a couple of photos, a little info. 

Osage Red


And then, more... generally,
General Interest Section

As mentioned on the front page, there are miscellaneous items linked there. The out of print articles from early editions of the AQHA and the NQHBA Studbooks may be of interest to QH history buffs. There are a few similar things that I'll add there eventually.



There are a few pages there dealing with reproduction - one is mainly an editorial rant addressing myths about collecting semen, although it contains some practical info too. Another shows how I go about processing a collection, a third about A-I, although I have relatively little personal experience with that part of the game. 


The page on assessing the conformation of an animal is still fairly basic, but may be worth a visit even so. I'll expand on it someday.


The pages on trailers range from elementary to halfway technical. The one that discusses them in general deals mainly with basics - medical emergency kit, choices in safety equipment such as breakaway kit, chains, how the brakes work, wheel alignment, and so on. There is another that shows how to replace locks on tack compartments and similar.

The point and purpose of the page on troubleshooting and repair of the electrical system is to show that no one needs to be dependent on overpriced, and sometimes only marginally qualified "professionals".   
Better work can be done by any truly determined person at home. The explanations of troubleshooting are a little muddy, but I do assure you, the parts about splicing are the very finest. 

Well, bear with my fledgling site and building skills - I plan many improvements, although
these usually never happen unless the weather is over a hundred or below freezing.

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