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The early editions of the AQHA Studbooks offered a number of articles that were omitted when they later went to the green hardcover versions. The NQHBA also included some interesting things in their books. These are image files, and although compressed, are still a little slow to load completely.

Read articles from 1941 AQHA Studbook No.1, Vol,1
Read articles from 1947 NQHBA Studbook No.1

An article from The Western Horseman, 1945 - The Well Reined Stock Horse, by Luis Ortega.

My King (P-234) page could be more complete, but has info and pictures that might help in piecing together his story. (Prefaced by a brief rant about nostalgic B.S.)

There are Peppy San and Paula Chex pages, the Doc O'Lena and Lucky Blanton pages are minimal - mainly photos, a little info.

Short page on Osage Red - a good son of Question Mark, outstanding on the track in the late 40's, did some rail & miscellaneous later, and sired some good foals. 

Now, to interrupt with some recent bad news - NAIS (National Animal Identification System) amounts to little more and nothing better than a Soviet style attack on civil rights and liberties making the "Patriot" Act pale by comparison. Liberty Ark Coalition offers a good discussion, and I certainly hope you will give that page a careful read.

NAIS is part of something far larger - I have studied the "darker side" of politics for many years now, and the key to its actual deployment may (usually) be summarized as "the banal face of evil". The reasoning behind NAIS is childlike at best, (which buys them some easy converts) utterly specious, and at its point of origin, chillingly Orwellian. I really didn't want to, but apparently the time is coming that I should say more on that subject.
For instance, did you know that Orwell himself was spoon fed ideas and underwritten financially by... mmm... I'm trying to recall... I think it was the Fabian Society. Because, by these and similar means they could instill complacency, an unconscious "programming", a familiarity, which encourages fatalistic acceptance of "the inevitable". Similar organizations developed symbiotic relationships with Freud, Pavlov, Kinsey - the list goes on endlessly. These puppetmasters secretly create our icons and "perceived" authority figures for their reasons. If those were wholesome and agreeable, why such elaborately deceptive methods? History is a fascinating thing, and you'd better learn what it is, 'cause, buddy, you are living it.

This group of pages is offered as "reasonably capable" opinion, as opposed to "expert".

A few thoughts on evaluating horses, there is plenty to add there in the future. Its intended focus is physical mechanics, although, as always, I wander into related topics here and there.

There are a few myths about collecting semen that I "editorialize" on, but on the constructive side, there is also some info that might be of interest if wondering about doing this yourself - or just wondering how it is done. (Of course, like all of this, different people, different views, maybe.)

If dealing with a "problem shipper" the tactics described on this page might (or might not) be useful - something to try, at least.

The hauling and maintenance of trailers, mainly for those relatively new to the game. There is also a page about the electrical system - the descriptions of troubleshooting need better clarity, but the part about splicing is as good as it gets. Lost your keys? Replace the locks - that's fairly easy.

One of broader importance: A few years ago back I spent a year or so of spare time digging through back issues of medical research journals which could be viewed free of charge online. This led to several conclusions which others might like to investigate for themselves. We usually do less than we could to preserve or recover our health, and often accept poor medical care/advice because we simply don't know better. I offer my opinionated views on the subject, and links to some of the info that made me that way.

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