Peppy San - Leo San x Peppy Belle

Peppy Belle was purchased by Gordon Howell in 1958, and bred to Leo San.

In '84, when dispersal sales were becoming common and prices were in the toilet, Peppy San had filled his book for $20,000 per mare... impressive.

Peppy San is Hall of Fame, and there are many details on his page at the NCHA site.

Peppy San photo 1

Borrowing largely from an excellent article on Peppy San by Larry Thornton, which appeared in the Foundation Quarter Horse Journal:

In that article Matlock Rose is quoted as saying that "He was just a real solid colt from the beginning. He had a lot of cow and a lot of smart. He was a nice colt that stood out from the beginning." He won the preliminary of the first NCHA futurity in 1962, and took second in the finals. He was bought by the Douglas Lake Cattle Company in 1963, and which is still around - they have a website which you might like to visit. His ultimate value not being established at the time, he was managed casually at first, spending summers taking care of himself out with their mares, and was brought back in during fall and winter.

Late in 1966 he and Matlock Rose started tooling up for the 1967 NCHA World Championship, which they won, taking a little over $20,000, a record amount at the time. He then went back to the Douglas Lake Cattle Company, where with limited showing he stood seventh in the 1968 NCHA Non-Pro.

There is quite a list of accomplishments and honorifics, but to keep it short for now, he was inducted into the NCHA Hall of Fame in 1971 with earnings of $49,478, and was an AQHA Champion with with a Superior in cutting with 181 points, and 26 in halter. There are heaps more more detail at the NCHA site.

Peppy San was euthanized in April of 1989 at the age of 30 due to age related problems.

Peppy San - Matlock Rose up. Notice that he has removed the bit. Peppy San photo 2

No info on his age with this picture which appeared in advertising - he looks fairly young. Peppy San photo 3

Peppy Belle - The only info with this picture is that the foal is a filly by Leo San. I am not personally acquainted with the Leo Sans, although the reputation is that he tended to make babies powerful behind.
Commenting on this in the article mentioned above, Matlock Rose said "Leo San bred a lot of hip in these horses, strong horses over the loin". An important little detail, that mention of the loin. Notice how all of the truly top hands make little delineations and distinctions of that sort - that's how they know what a horse can do.

* I am told that the pedigree below was corrected in studbook "Errata" to read that Pep Up was sired by Macanudo by Old Sorrel, that Pep Up's dam was Petra R by Little Richard by Old Sorrel. I'll get around to fixing that one day, but not tonight.
Pedigree of Peppy Belle, dam of Peppy San, in JPEG format

Matlock Rose is an integral part of this animal's career - I don't offhand recall the source of the info below.