Pablo San - Peppy San x Paula Chex
right - picture taken in 1998
I remember discussing Pablo with my grandmother in the early 80s. She was considering whether to breed Cassandra to him. Cassandra went instead to Little Peppy, who never did much for us as a sire. (Caroline will debate that.) Anyway, time passed, and Pablo was forgotten until much later, when we heard that he was for sale sometime around 93. Caroline, impressed with his record, show and sire,  bought him, selling him four or five years later. 
Pablo San (Peppy San x Paula Chex) photo 1

The image below is taken from advertising that Joe Torano, now deceased, was running in '84.
Photo image of ad copy - Pablo San, by Peppy San, out of Paula Chex

  The Quarter Horse Directory also has some information about him - they say that Equi-Stat reports Pablo's offspring have "LTE CUT" earnings of $365,564, and that their average earnings were $7,460. 

The problem with statistics is that cooking the complete and correct meaning out of them can be a little bit difficult. For example, how do we reconcile the numbers given when they say that Little Peppy's get have earned more than $20,000,000, with an average of $20,969. Then, that Doc O'lena's offspring have won $14,404,456 with an average of  $21,564. What at least seems a notable problem with this is the fact that Little Peppy sired almost three times as many foals. - I'll think it over more carefully and work out the math someday. Anyway, statistics of this sort are something that I'll have to devote a page to one day - when they are broken down in detail the results sometimes reveal unexpected things. 

Pablo is now owned by Drew and Judy Hutchinson, of Aladdin Wyoming. Haven't talked to them for a year or so, but the number we have for them is 307-896-2172. The last we heard Pablo was living mostly in pasture with a little bunch of mares and being ridden occasionally.

below - picture(s) taken in 1998. At 20 Pablo was still cutting like a tiger. John Kittleman up. This horse really is outstanding - not just ability, but a personality that everyone acquainted with him comments on favorably.

Pablo San (Peppy San x Paula Chex) photo 4