As I said on Mimi's page, (or if I didn't, I meant to) that not counting young ones,
there have been many dozens bought and sold, and in the end, the only horses
we had really strong interest in keeping are descended from this particular mare

-This can only be presented as "work in progress", but may be useful even so.-

Mimi Warner
(by Lucky Blanton)

King Cobra
(King P234 x Mimi Warner)
Lucky Libra - I will find a photo. - A little about her in footnote at bottom.

Lucky Debbie Kay
(Dice Gill x Mimi Warner)

Red Paisana + below
(Osage Red x Mimi Warner)

Doc's Cassandra
(Doc Bar x Mimi Warner)
Cobra's offspring below Libra's colt below Debbie's offspring below Paisana's offspring below Cassandra's offspring below

Docs Twice Royal
(Doc O'Lena x Cobra)
AQHA online says R.E. O'Lena (x Doc O' Lena) was her only foal.  Am not sure, maybe I can get a "real" picture of him in the future.

Doc's Diana + foals
(Doc Bar x Debbie)

Lucky Contadina
(King McConnel x Red Paisana)

(Peppy San Badger x Doc's Cassandra)

Double Tough Doc
(Doc Bar x Cobra)

His pedigree - same as link below

Doc's Demonstrator
(Doc Bar x Debbie)
We kept only one of the two or three foals that Paisana had - and I will have to search for pictures of the others. Cassandra had two or three other foals, we kept one x Grays Starlight, the others were sold. I will add photos in future

Sugar Cain
(Sugar Bars x Cobra)
By coincidence, a daughter of his came to Twice Royal this season, and I got a snapshot.

Foxie Doc
(Doc Bar x Debbie)

Elegant Doc
(Doc Bar x Cobra)

Larger image and R E O'Lena pedigree

Jax Doc
(Doc Bar x Debbie)

King's Miss Becky
(Docs Malbec x Cobra) w/ foal x Pablo San

Lucky Kay Burnett
(Buz Burnett x Debbie)
    *Libra was sold and shown mainly in southern California, earning 7.5 AQHA Open performance points, and 3 in Youth performance. We didn't follow her career very closely, although I am aware that she was shown mostly in the "real" open, as opposed to AQHA "open", and that is where she made her principle accomplishments.