Mimi Warner x Lucky Blanton 
photo from 1954
A couple of dozen mares of other breeding were bought and sold over the years, and in the end, the horses that we really like (and keep) are the ones descended one way or another from Mimi. 

Another daughter of Lucky Blanton was purchased after Mimi died, and her foals were, by contrast, a little bit disappointing. 

Mimi Warner, daughter of Lucky Blanton - photo 1
There is a larger copy of this picture


Partial explanation for that difference may be found in a couple of articles about the significance of mitochondrial DNA (The Heart of the matter, Parts 1 & 2) over at the Premier Pub site. -But!- I recently discovered that those assumptions are not entirely correct - the little bit of mitochondrial DNA contained in spermatazoa enters entirely into the egg, suggesting quite a different story than we are commonly told. (Sound familiar?) There is photographic evidence and some illuminating discussion offered by the clever people at Murdoch U - check it out! We can say empirically that the mare represents, on average, the greater part of the equation, but...

It would therefore seem likely that remarkably prepotent sires produce spermatazoa which mostly have larger midpieces than less prepotent sires - but, I digress.

at right - Mimi in December, 1955, in foal to King (P-234).

The table with Mimi's Foals" is incomplete, but even so, helps to show the relationships between the various animals now on the place

below - Mimi with Paisana - I think this would have been in 1970.

Mimi Warner, daughter of Lucky Blanton - photo 2

Mimi Warner, daughter of Lucky Blanton - photo 3
There is a larger copy of this picture
Mimi Warner, daughter of Lucky Blanton - photo 4

right - just legible scan from our ad in QHN, info from Equistat.

Fact is that Mimi's daughter Libra was shown quite successfully Open per se, not just AQHA events. To judge from Equistat, a person would think that never happened.

Exerpt from our ad in 2003 QHN Stallion Register