Lucky Colonel - Colonel Freckles x Doc's Diana

One of the most athletic animals we have ever had, he was not ridden until five years old, and was injured three or four months into "training", such as that was. In spite of the handling he received then, he is forgiving and friendly. We have not bred him much, presently have a couple of late foals from last year on the place. There is a page for his babies, in need of an update, but there are a few to see there.

Lucky Colonel (Colonel Freckles x Doc's Diana by Doc Bar) photo 1

  Lucky Colonel by Colonel Freckles
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Lucky Colonel (Colonel Freckles x Doc's Diana by Doc Bar) photo 3
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  All the photos of him on this page were taken in September, 2000. You may notice the slightly disproportionate mass and definition of the muscling of his front end. This is because he favors the rear just a little, and has done so for years. He doesn't exibit significant lameness unless used steadily, and we did not realize for some while that there was a chronic problem. The first diagnostic work was done when he was at the place in Oregon some time ago. More recently we wondered if our vet down here would concur with that finding. There were some differences in his assessment, and follow up was ended by his impending retirement and our general disarray. (We had used this guy since 1964, and I guess we wore him out) The latest exam (new vet) presents yet another variation, substantiated by consultation. 

Lucky Colonel (Colonel Freckles x Doc's Diana by Doc Bar) photo 4
There is a larger copy of this picture
Lucky Colonel (Colonel Freckles x Doc's Diana by Doc Bar) photo 5
He is offered to outside mares A-I only, reduction for mares with significant show or produce records. Here are a few links to info about shipped semen, and reproduction in general. There is a page explaining our processing proceedures, another about collecting it, and another about putting it into the mare

As you can see from his history, your decision will have to be based entirely on analysis of his build and breeding. I have a page that offers a few pointers on evaluating conformation - article exerpts and a few opinions. As to the breeding, his family members are more than just "good on paper" - every one of his near relatives has good build, and decent looks too. I can say with utter conviction that there is no garbage in his gene pool. We bred his mother and her brothers and sisters, we bred her mother and her sisters, they were nice, they have had foals, their foals have had foals, they were nice. Some have been better than others, but not one has been less than "pretty good", no exceptions. 

That being said, I should mention that genetics is a crapshoot. You don't know what you will get until you see it, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either not observant, not experienced, or not straight.

  Dam of Lucky Colonel, Doc's Diana by Doc Bar left -  his mother, Doc's Diana. Diana's full sister, Foxy Doc, won the 1976 SBF Maturity. Her full brother, Jax Doc, did some winning in both halter and cutting. Doc's Demonstrator, another full brother, did less, but I think that this can be ascribed to human factors. You can see them and and some related info here.Her 3/4 sister, Doc's Cassandra was 8'th in the nation, NCHA open division, 1980. Cassandra has her own page.

  Pedigree of Doc's Diana by Doc Bar in JPEG format Doc's Diana has a page, and was also a very promising animal. She was another victim of a poor choice in trainer. I will post on that subject one day, hopefully others may learn caution from our mistakes.

  I have begun a Colonel Freckles page, but it is nowhere near ready for presentation. In the meanwhile, some facts about him are available at The Quarter Horse Directory, which is an outstanding site.

  If you would like more info, or to see him in person, (Carmel Valley, California) Caroline can be e-mailed here, leave a message on the machine at 831-659-2625, or call her at 831-659-3355 most afternoons.

Lucky Colonel (Colonel Freckles x Doc's Diana by Doc Bar) photo 6
Lucky Colonel (Colonel Freckles x Doc's Diana by Doc Bar) photo 7