right - Louise Warner at 6 years. Born with spinubifida, there was doubt whether she would would walk. Even now there is little enlightenment in medicine as it is usually practiced. While most doctors know that this is due to the mother being malnourished, they rarely bother to cure the child by making it scientifically well nourished.

She demonstrated some insight and cruel wit in childhood with creations such as one of her favorite jump-rope jingles: "I should worry, I should care, I should marry a millionaire. He should die, I should cry, I should marry another guy." A regular Shirly Temple.

Skipping ahead a bit, she informed her mother that she would no longer attend high school, that instead, her mother could simply tutor her in the home. Which she did, with something of a vengeance. Great grandmother at that time was teaching latin, greek, and some arcane species of arithmetic at I forget what university in southern California, and so, was in a position to really teach "a lesson". 

The interest in horses began in early adolescence. Also, there still existed some Victoriana that the more suitable sort of girl was fluent in latin, played the piano well, possessed good equestrian skills, and so forth. We see, however, that she did not ride sidesaddle, and can only wonder what kind of man would actually marry a girl who doesn't.

This kind: Richard Alonzo Warner. And no, the garb is Army Air Force, not SS.

Richard Alonzo Warner

Earlier he had assessed cost for an insurance company. This entailed determining exactly what it would cost to replace the sort of things they covered, the statistical risks, and so on. Of course, these things are in constant flux, so as soon as you complete the reports, you start at the beginning again, and again, ad infinitum. 
Louise (Boughton) Warner

It did keep them eating through the depression, which was a plus, but even the military seemed better. As a former Eagle Scout, maybe it was natural move for him, officer training in the reserves, into the regular army air force. An ability to get results both within regulations, and in spite of them, and a policy of having no opinion on "sensitive" matters made for upward mobility. 

For her part, being a ranking officer's wife would be painful for anyone with meaningful ethical standards. Rank tends to carry over to the wives, and draws one into untenable positions in regard to etiquette, the appropriate, and the politic. There is considerable pushing and shoving that goes on at that trough, and she often found herself in the midst of situations that were uncomfortable at best. 

This picture is a little disappointing. In the original it is a perfect essay on the joys of parenting. While the tattered hairstyle and the gaunt, washed out, suddenly aged appearance are visible, many of the elements in the original have not translated into digital format. The seething belligerence of the little man on the left, the utterly manic mischievousness on the right, but especially, grandmother's hunted animal look of a person truly "on the edge". 

It's one short step from there to thinning them out from atop the clock tower. Someone should have told her the actual cause of all that stress. (An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.)
Worse yet, one thing does lead to another, as we see in this previously suppressed photo from the grassy knoll, above right. She always was a bit conservative. No amateur, notice she even has her own spotter along. Actually, she used to make some pin money in competition during the depression, sometimes shooting tens seated, standing, and prone. These days the sort of hardware you see above is normally only fired from sandbags, and is in a "Star Wars" looking stock, fitted with bells and whistles of obscure purpose. This one is in a simple, but very heavy walnut stock, emphasis on skill, rather than high tech.

Military housing proved to have some ups and downs. The house on the right - furnished in the manner one would expect of such a home - this seemed "not too poor".

The next residence provided was a somewhat remodeled chicken coop, left over from a commercial poultry venture, and then requisitioned by the military. It, too, was furnished... in the manner one would expect... of such a home.
Anyway, various assignments and promotions culminated with his commanding the 15th (Air Force) in Italy. After the war, his prospects seemed favorable until his transport crashed, killing all on board. 

A year or so later, she found that the cottage they had once rented on vacation was available on a long term and affordable basis. This was on a ranch that had many horses, and soon the children, especially Caroline were active with them. It dawned on Grandmother that there was money in good ones, and she gave the matter considerable study. This was the origin of our understanding that generally, human factors aside, to compete successfully, the animal's physique must be adequate in many details, sometimes subtle details. A matter of structural mechanics, really.

She eventually purchased Mimi in 1954, who was her first major league mare, although Mabel Buck, by Pretty Buck, was the first effort in cutting. Maybe twenty years after the picture at right was taken, Mabel became my first horse.

Grandmother is seated between Marion Lambert and a fellow known as "Tiny Hoss, the Crooked Car Dealer". I suppose that this was only in jest, as I recall that my mother did purchase a car from him a few years after this was taken.

This picture is from around the time that Mabel was showing, although it may have been Caroline on My Blue Heaven* that brought them there - they were also showing at about that same time. (Middle to later 1950's.)

(* The same mare that "Monty" claims to have later salvaged - good of the malignant little parasite to concede in his book that the mare "had once had some good training". Thing is, those who owned the mare at the time in question say that there never was a problem with her running away as Monty claims. In reality, he did get her to sit and slide better than Caroline had, we suspect his once famous baling wire chinstrap technique, which is one of many things people seem to have forgotten about the real "Monty". I suggest a visit to the "horse whispers and lies" site authored by his relatives. Citizens for Justice also has quite an archive devoted to him.)

Skipping ahead again, she put years of thought into the home that she wanted to have, and construction began here in 1964, when four or five cars past the place in one day was "heavy traffic". No one could have guessed how this area would be ruined by overdevelopment, or that the vermin would inherit, and feel entitled to bring their standards of behavior with them. Locked gates, siege mentality, and rarely, the assistance of lawyers and cops are now parts of the otherwise pleasant life here.

right - Louise Warner, in her middle seventies, with a colt by Buz Burnett, I forget who this one was out of.