Lucky Debbie Kay's produce, below

  Foxie Doc (Doc Bar x Lucky Debbie Kay) Photo 1
Foxie Doc (x Doc Bar) - left and above - both pictures taken at 1976 SBF.
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  The Carol Rose Quarter Horses website has the pedigree of "A Stylish Red Merada", who is out of Foxie Merada, who is out of Foxie Doc. That pedigree includes information about Foxie Doc's offspring.

Foxie Doc, Docs Demonstrator, Jax Doc, and Doc's Diana were all out of Lucky Debbie Kay (Dice Gill x Mimi Warner) It may be easier to see the relationships between the various "Haystack Hill horses" if you go to The Descendants of Mimi Warner Page, where some of her children and grandchildren are laid out in "thumbnails". That is still "under construction", but may be useful even so.

  Doc's Demonstrator x Doc Bar - Photo 1
Doc's Demonstrator x Doc Bar
Doc's Demonstrator - above - almost 2 years, ready for shipment to new owner.
left - I don't recall offhand how much older in this shot.

Doc's Diana (x Doc Bar) Diana has her own page

  right - Jax Doc takes 2nd in halter class of 50+ at the Cow Palace, as I recall, this was in 1974. He later did some cutting, and although it is my understanding that he was not seriously campaigned, he did win 12,745 dollars in NCHA sanctioned events. If you have not discovered it yet, at the NCHA site, select "Horse Earnings" from the left-hand margin, and enter in the name of the animal in question. Hit the button, and it will promptly report the amount earned in NCHA events. Of course, there are many events that are not NCHA sanctioned, but most of those are not as competitive. 
Jax Doc by Doc Bar

  Lucky Kay Burnett - Buz Burnett x Lucky Debbie Kay - probably 20+ years in picture, 1999.

"Katy" got some kinda poor training followed by some that was really very good, and whether that start was the issue, or whether it was just her nature, she didn't develop the focus neccesary to do any serious winning with cattle. She was sold to the Robbs, who I am told, did halter and reining with her, and I suppose probably some rail events too. (I will get around to checking on what, how much, etcetera.) I forget how many years they had her, quite a few, when Grandmother bought her back. Katy is still alive and well, although it has been two or three years since she last got in foal.