above and right - Contra's mother, Red Paisana (Osage Red x Mimi Warner)


  left and right- Paisana's daughter Lucky Contadina (x King Mc Connel) at a show in Hermiston, Oregon. 

Contra (Contadina) was trained by Ronnie Richards, although shown mostly by his assistant. I don't remember exactly what her accomplishments were. She was the third place Working Cow Horse (or similar) on the west coast in maybe 84, or 85. I'll try to check on those details one day. 

She was one hell of a ride, one of my all time favorites. The past tense is used only because I haven't ridden her for a long time, she is alive and well, and making another Twice Royal baby. I was delighted to get her in foal this year (2002). She is a little hard to cover, and extra hard to settle. She is receptive only one day of her cycle, and we found (with ultrasound) that this happens about 24 hours post ov. So, we did A-I, and nailed her. (It goes to show how reasonable efforts may fall short, and more aggressive vet work can make it happen - ultrasounding her every day is what revealed this ideosyncracy.) 

above - Contra, kind of sleepy, photographed October, 2000. She is in foal to Twice Royal.

below, her most recent colt, long yearling, by Pablo San