King Cobra's Foals:

Elegant Doc by Doc Bar
As I recall, she's a 1974. She is wearing about an inch of winter coat in this picture, and appears to have been eating pretty well. 
Elegant Doc (Doc Bar x King Cobra, by King P-234)

Double Tough Doc by Doc Bar
Injured at about a year and a half, and never was reliably sound from then on. There are a few more pictures, although not great ones, and a little more detail about him.
Double Tough Doc (Doc Bar x King Cobra x King P-234)

Sugar Cain by Sugar Bars
Getting toward two years in this picture. He was sold, and I have lost track of him over the years, he would be very old if still alive. 
Sugar Cain (Sugar Bars x King Cobra by King P-234)

  Docs Twice Royal by Doc O'Lena
His name is not quite, but is almost one of grandmother's double entendres. King appearing in Poco Lena's pedigree also makes him "twice royal". OK, that wasn't bad enough? Well, the historical Cassandra's ignored prophesies of doom made her a "warner", or at least she tried to warn them.  (Doc's Cassandra, bred by Louise "Warner".) Most of her horses had similar meanings in their names. Anyway, Twice Royal has his own page.
Docs Twice Royal ( Doc O'Lena x King Cobra by King P-234 )

  Kings Miss Becky by Doc's Malbec

Becky with her 97 Pablo San colt at about twelve hours old. They also have their own page.

Kings Miss Becky ( Doc's Malbec x King Cobra by King P-234 )