Kings Miss Becky (Doc's Malbec x King Cobra by King P-234) photo 1
Kings Miss Becky
Kings Miss Becky (Doc's Malbec x King Cobra by King P-234) photo 2
  Becky is 20 in the photos here. (I wish I had better pictures of her) Bear in mind that she has had several foals and has not been ridden since the middle '80s. She has mostly been standing around eating - a lot - for maybe twelve years. I never took her much beyond green broke, although what that amounts to is relative - she was a good ride, and had an unsually lucid, calculating mind. Also remarkable power and quickness, an unusually solid, deliberate kind of balance in quick moves, an almost hard "feel" in her motions, kinda thrilling. 

Pedigree of Kings Miss Becky (Doc's Malbec x King Cobra by King P-234) in JPEG format

Becky - September 2000  Becky - October 2000

Realizing belatedly that she was no longer young, and had no babies by any "name animals" she was booked to Smart Chic O'Lena for 2002. (A second choice to Grays Starlight, who I like better, but his book was already (and firmly) closed by the time I contacted them.) The shipped semen was good, but she did not settle. 

A little later, in September 02, her long-time friend Katy aimed a playful kick at her, probably not even intending to connect, but breaking Becky's humerus - practically impossible, but there it is. 

I sent her ovaries to Colorado state, where they flushed some eggs, the Babcocks sent frozen, but they did not implant successfully in the surrogate mares. Now my hopes rely on the future of cloning, together with the people at Lazaron, who cultured cells from her, which are presently in cryo storage. CSU is now working on ways to superovulate the mare - the lack of eggs being the principal reason that cloning horses lags behind the work being done with cattle. 

In this case the tissue samples were removed immediately after she was euthanized, although smaller samples can be taken from a living animal. I intend to do that with Twice Royal, so I had already looked into this when Becky was injured. All things weighed, Lazaron was the outfit I liked best - they have a website you may find quite interesting. This venture provides some hope, as she was quite possibly the best mare I will ever own. I'll see what I can do about getting some better stills from video, as none of the pictures here represent her fairly.

Sudden Awful Pablo, 
Becky's 97 colt by Pablo San

I considered selling this guy only because he is way too short. He finally made over 14h, but I am 19h. He needs only make an outstanding baby or two for me, (supposing that he can make ones of that sort) and in the long term, I will be better better off keeping him. As it turned out I sold a younger brother of his instead - a difficult choice, each one has merits. Both have "brains", the other more size, this one a little more athleticism, enough that if he was a hand higher I would say that I had hit the jackpot - in that regard he is one of the best.

Sudden Awful (Pablo San x King's Miss Becky by Doc's Malbec)
There are a few more pictures of him, and his extended pedigree.

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