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Twice Royal Boon, foaled May 23, 2004
Docs Twice Royal x Miss Colonel Boon
pictures taken Sept. 02/05
- this page is a slow load account of many pictures -


King P-234 appears on his papers, his grandsires are Doc O'Lena and Colonel Freckles.
Many are bred along these lines, but *extremely* few have this much so close up. This guy has no known pathologies (past or present) and will go for $6500.

Partly for convenience, partly for a buck I am willing to sell him. In a perfect situation I'd keep this one around to see how he pans out as a three year old before making a decision on it. As it is, corral space and manpower are stretched thin, while including yearlings, there are ten studs on the place. Somebody has to go.

The pedigree reads like this:

2004 Colt Pedigree - Doc O'Lena, Colonel Freckles, Doc Bar, Boon Bar, King P-234, Poco Lena, Lucky Blanton

Mimi Warner was among Lucky Blanton's better daughters, and can be seen here on the site. She was out of Conchita x Golden Bear (TB), although the AQHA has gotten that part totally screwed up - two different times, in two different ways, over the years. Eventually, one just gives up. Lazy Pride is the only weak spot in the lineup - I have posted her extended pedigree, which is kind of interesting from a "remote antiquity" point of view, but the big name influence is weak up that branch of his family tree. For instance, from this line he is a double great-great-great-great-great grandson of Leo. So, he's my "Leo bred" colt, called Leo. Joe Reed also appears several times way back there. Most interesting was the big chunk of Shoemaker breeding at the top.

Growing weary of the photoshoot - reminds me of school days. Faintly visible here
his little friends have been chewing on him a bit. Nothing that won't grow out.

Parenthetically, while the influence of very distant ancestors becomes dilute, Beatrice Paine developed a theory that true full-blown "throwbacks" are most prevalent in the seventh generation. This is based on her personal acquaintance with Crabbet Arabs through the generations circa WW1 on through the later 80's when we first met her. (She also made close study of photographs of earlier animals in that bunch.)
Recalling that "the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the sons unto the seventh generation", I believe that reference is *actually* telling us about a "Y"-linked hereditary tendency.
The idea (myth) that mitochondrial DNA comes *only* through the female line has been quietly undermined by good evidence, but however wrong, once an idea is planted in our minds you can't beat it out with a stick.
There *is* a small amount of mitochondrial DNA in the midsection of spermatazoa, and this enters the egg, with the obvious implication that this part *also* discharges its genetic content into the egg.

The number one thing I would change with this colt is that when lounging around he often stands with his hind feet close together. He travels pretty close to straight, trained right, used right, he should remain sound into his 20's.

I'll gladly answer questions about this guy, but I'm not selling magic bullets, which is clearly what some people are shopping for. So, as a time-saver, right now - those who need the glowing presentations of a used-horse hype-meister dislike the answers I give, and in the end, they don't care to do business with me.

He is a royally well bred colt, his particulars (for better or worse) are pretty much self-evident.
Provided a good enough horse, the rest is up to a person's judgment, luck, and ability. It's fair to say that by nature he's a pleasant and intelligent fellow, though we've done relatively little with him. He's a clean slate - how it goes in the future depends entirely on how well he is handled.

All the photos below were taken August 26 and 27, 2004, @ two months.

2004 colt by docs twice royal by doc o'lena


2004 colt by docs twice royal by doc o'lena
By the way, he is a somewhat darker bay than these shots
suggest - this camera "washes out" a little in bright sun.


2004 colt by docs twice royal out of own daughter King P-234


2004 colt out of daughter of Colonel Freckles


2004 colt by docs twice royal, out of king cobra by king


2004 colt by grandson of King P-234


I was tempted to put a cartoon "thought bubble" on this one - something like "Man! This rope stuff sucks so bad I just don't believe it!"


picture shows Miss Colonel by Colonel freckles



If interested, Caroline can be contacted most afternoons and evenings at 831-659-3355, or caroline@redshift.com. I'd as soon let her handle this one, being kind of busy I tend to neglect my e-mail, but if she doesn't get back to you "timely", feel free to give me a try at 831-659-2625 or galen (@) haystackhill.net - the seperations and parenthesis are for spambusting purposes - remove them to 'mail me.

Lastly, it's always a good idea to have a soundness exam before committing to purchase, and we will accommodate in that case, to the extent that we will haul him to buyer's vet of choice in this area, Monterey County, CA.

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