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Haystack Hill Quarter Horses

From the 1950's onward interest here went increasingly toward working cow horses. The "names" *do* have an unfailing appeal, so mares were sent to King, Lemac, Sugar Bars, Poco Tivio, Doc Bar, Docs Malbec, Doc O'Lena, Little Peppy, Colonel Freckles, Grays Starlight, Smart Chic O'Lena and similar. Resulting, directly and indirectly, in the smallish bunch here today.

Many of these animals, past and present, have pages accessable from the "Table of Contents" page, Current players are found with the buttons page left.

The "General Interest" section is more the thing I had in mind from the beginning, although the horses got priority - business - of sorts - before pleasure. It accesses a variety of pages - some QH history, shipped semen, A-I, trailer maintenance, views on training, a little piracy of old articles, along with an editorial rant here and there.

Horses were always in the picture, but this took a better direction in 1954 when my grandmother, Louise Warner, bought Mimi Warner. Mimi's first foal was by King, the last by Doc Bar, and she never made a disappointing baby. There are now *very* few on the place that don't go back to her at least once.
1954 Mimi Warner 1970
Mimi Warner (by Lucky Blanton) in 1954 Mimi Warner (by Lucky Blanton) in 1970

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